Welcome to Be in Health Partnerships



$74.97 - first 3 months (then $24.99 /month)


 After you complete the programs, we will support you in your journey through being a Partner. Your membership connects you to our Thomaston team and on-going discipleship through the Partners’ Website. Visit it every day and be encouraged by Dr. Wright’s podcast, read an inspirational message, or watch a video teaching. Each piece will reinforce God’s foundational principles and give you even more tools for your maturity. Join our community of like-minded believers, chat daily and interact with our Team. Your partnership comes with:

Spiritual Roots, Bulletin Board Forum

Ask question, get answers, and be strengthened from an entire community of believers. You’ll get to know the BiH family through their amazing testimonies and insights. Then search the roots section to find the possible spiritual roots to disease for your own life or for a loved one.

Hope of the Generations Church Services

We post our Sunday church service on the Partners’ site early in the week. You’ll get to the most recent service and also have access to past services--a storehouse of information and wisdom to help establish your faith.

Exclusive Content

You’ll receive a quarterly newsletter featuring testimonies, user tips for the Partnership Program website, and upcoming events. You’ll also have access to the For My Life online course during June, July, and August – a $299 value! In addition, you’ll be able to search through archived content including teleconference calls, magazines, and journals not available to the public.