How to Partner with Be In Health

We started to look at every aspect of Be In Health to see how we can improve things.  We are building more social media interactions as well as upgrade our Audio/Video presence and resources.  One of the places that we have been looking into has been our membership programs. To start with, we didn’t like calling them membership programs, it didn’t really explain or share the heart of the purpose of Connection and 7000 Project. So we have decided to change it up - - A LOT.

First we are changing the way we talk about and look at those membership programs. It’s not about just being a member, but being a partner with the vision of Be In Health. We would like to share with you about your Partnership Programs with Be In Health.

Be in Health Connection

Be In Health Connection is just what is says – a place to just connect with Be In Health, to stay in the loop about what’s happening here at Be In Health Thomaston and around the globe. You will receive a free teaching via the Be In Health Email Newsletter each week. You will receive access to the BeinHealth.tv website to see our recent update videos and be able to listen and watch teachings, exhortations, testimonies and from time to time LIVE interactive shows. Anyone that has signed up with Be In Health Connection, by joining our email mailing list, will receive free shipping on purchase of $75 (US only) or more.

This level of partnership with Be in Health is available at no charge.

Click here to partner with us at this level


Be in Health Partnerships

Becoming a partner with Be In Health at this level, entitles you to all of the benefits and features of Be In Health Connection plus.

o 10% Discount on Be In Health manufactured products

o Access to the Global Interactive Web Forum where you can post questions and receive answers from the Be In Health Team

o Excerpts from Pleasant Valley Church services

This level of partnership with Be In Health is available for an initial 3 months subscription of  $74.97 and the fourth month you can chose to pay  $24.95 per/ month or $274.89 per year (one month free).

Click here to partner with us at this level


We here at Be in Health are very excited about these changes and how they will help us help you at what ever level of your journey you may be at.

Dr. Henry Wright says “Life is a Learning Curve” and we want to be able to serve you as you learn how to both walk out for your own life and for others.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers as we continue on our learning curve on how to better serve you.

Be in Health